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Small Business Saturday Sale!

In honor of Small Business Saturday, we’re extending ALL Black Friday Deals until Sunday!

Doors open @ 11 am!

Small Business 11262014


Questions and inquiries at: sales@iminusd.com

Back To School Sale

A  brand new school year is approaching and we’re looking forward to hooking you guys up with  awesome deals to get your semester started  the right way.  Stop by the shop and check out our deals on all your bike necessities – everything from complete bikes to bike accessories.

Photo Taken by Jeff Pepito

Photo Taken by Jeff Pepito

All offers valid while supplies last, and not valid with any other offers.


Check out the latest & greatest video of our boy Jeff Dempler riding in San Jose. This is his last edit on the PFIX, now that he’s riding for Destroy Bikes.

2013 Specialized Fixed Gear line

We were lucky enough to snag some of Specialized’s 2013 early launch bikes before they sold out. We’ve got the 2013 P.Fix, Langster and Langster pro in stock. Here is your chance to get some of next year’s newest rides before they are fully released to the public. These bikes are only available at our Downtown SJ store in very limited numbers.


Check out these photos of Matt Reyes blasting off the box out front of the shop just before closing. Mike Schmitt was there to capture the action along with one of the local kids who helped hold the flash. Always stoked to see our riders killing it out front.

Specialized PFix Promo

Quite a few of you have been saving your pennies for the PFix. Here is your chance to get a $100 gift certificate with a purchase of one. The gift certificate will be issued under your name as soon as your purchase is completed. You may use the gift certificate the same day and it can be used in store or online. This promotion will run until January 22nd and is only available in store.

Bikecheck: Scott’s PFix

Scott’s been riding FGFS for some time now and chances are you’ve seen him in person or somewhere online. Checkout his current setup below. Even though Scott’s been crazy busy as of late with motox, work and accepting friends on Facebook, we still see him every now and then rippin’ around downtown on his PFix.

Frame: Specialized Pfix
Fork: Sadio Booster
Bars: Spun
Stem: Profile Push Topload
Seat: Sadio Fatboy
Seat post: Sadio SDO Pivotal
Cranks: Sadio Swoop 175mm
Pedal/strap: Specialized/Ynot
Sprocket: Sadio Molar Sprocket 30T
Hubs/Rims: Specialized/Specialized 10T
Chain: Shadow Conspiracy
Pegs: Sadio
Hubguards: FBM (rear) / G-Sport (front)
HS: Sadio
BB: Sadio Mid
Tires: Specialized Hemisphere
Gear ratio: 30-10

Bikecheck: Jeffy D’s PFix

Here are the full specs on Jeffy D‘s PFix. If you’ve ever had the chance to ride with Jeff, you know he rips on this bike. Check back often for more rider bikechecks.

Frame: Specialized Pfix
Fork: Specialized Pfix
Bars: Spun
Stem: Animal Topload
Seat: Sadio Fatboy
Seat post: Sadio
Cranks: Specialized 175mm
Pedal/strap: Specialized/burro mud flaps
Sprocket: Specialized Swiss Cheese
Hubs/Rims: Specialized PFix
Chain: Shadow
Pegs: Shadow
Hubguards: Mutiny hub buddy
Tires: Specialized Hemisphere
Gear ratio: 28:10

Black Friday SALE- EXTENDED!

*update- We are extending our black Friday sales through Small Business Saturday. If you can, please support your local small businesses.

The day you’ve all been waiting for, aside from Thanksgiving, is less than 5 days away. Pick up those extra shifts or do those extra chores, because you don’t want to show up unprepared. Doors open at 1pm and the first 25 customers in line will get a free swag bag.

iMD Rider: Jeffy D

Another awesome edit of Jeffy D from Wheeltalk put together by Matt Slumworm Reyes. If you’ve never seen Jeffy D ride in person, you need to. This guy will land any line he decides to attempt. Even if it means dislocating his shoulder numerous times. Don’t miss this Sunday to see our riders go head to head in competition.

Specialized P.Fix update

For all of you who want to know why the P.Fix has been delayed, here is the most direct answer we’ve received from Specialized. The good news is the bike should be in our hands in less than four weeks.

From our Specialized insider:
“I’ll give you the straight-up honest answer on this one. The delays we’re running into are solely a result of the brake testing. Which sounds ridiculous, I know. CPSC requires all complete bikes ship with brakes (unless it’s a dedicated track bike). So we had to scramble to get brakes sourced and onto the bikes. But it also has to pass brake testing, where they test it at certain speeds, in wet and dry, and it needs to stop within a set distance at each of the various speeds in both wet and dry. Some brake arms worked better than others, and some brad pads/compounds worked better than others. To add to the hassle, the best combination was a set of pads from one manufacturer and a set of brake arms from another (which wasn’t a viable option). We’ve since found a workable solution, but it took quite a while to land on it.

Pretty ironic a brake is what’s holding up a fixed gear bike. It’s even more frustrating knowing most people are just going to throw the brake in the trash, so the brake isn’t even necessary other than to satisfy a CPSC requirement.”

Specialized P.Fix @iMiNUSD

The pre-order list for the highly anticipated Specialized P.Fix is now open. Click here for more information. The image below is pretty accurate of the production model which will be available in 3 sizes: small, medium and large.

Specialized PFix

The Specialized PFix release is coming soon. The official PFix launch party will be happening here @ iMiNUSD within the next few weeks. Slumworm just posted these pics of the production headtubes which look pretty sick. Keep an eye out for our PFix launch party flier and raffle coming up.

The PFix will be available in small, medium and large for under $850. If you’re interested in pre-ordering a complete bike, please click here. We’ll get you on the list and notify you once we are ready to accept payment. If you’d like to purchase a PFix but do not have a Specialized dealer near you, contact us, we’ll ship it out to you.
The PFix will be dropping very very soon.

**Pre-ordering with us enters you in a contest to get your P.Fix for free. More details to come.

iMD Rider Bikecheck: Matt “Slumworm” R.

His name is Slumworm and chances are you’ve heard of this dude. This is the man behind the now famous Slumworm blog. If you’ve seen him ride you will know this guy’s got combos for days. Look out for Slum in the new iMD Rider webisodes soon to be released. Like most of the Wheeltalk crew he’s on the newest Specialized P-Fixed prototype. Hopefully these bikes make it to production soon.

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iMD Rider Bikecheck: Scott Horton PFix

OWNER: Scott Horton
FRAME/FORK: Specialized P-Fixed
BARS: Specialized
STEM: Specialized
GRIPS: Specialized
SEAT/SEATPOST: Animal/Specialized
CRANKS: Specialized
BB: Specialized
SPROCKET: Specialized
CHAIN: Shadow Conspiracy 1/2 link chain
PEDALS: Specialized
WHEELSET: Specialized
TIRES: Specialized Hemisphere/ Bontrager

pic from Slumworm
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