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Small Business Saturday Sale!

In honor of Small Business Saturday, we’re extending ALL Black Friday Deals until Sunday!

Doors open @ 11 am!

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It’s that time of the year again, and the iMiNUSD Staff will be in Las Vegas for Interbike 2014. Online orders entered between September 10 – September 13 will be processed on Monday, September 15th. Please allow 1 – 3 business days for your orders to be shipped.

For any questions please email sales@iminusd.com.

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Interbike 2011 in VEGAS!!!

Many of us in the industry had very mixed reactions to the news of Interbike being held in Anaheim next year. I personally hated the idea of it. “DON’T DO IT! Bad move”, I told an interviewer from Interbike at the 2010 show a couple weeks back. I thought it was set in stone and this would be the last show in Vegas.

5 minutes ago I get an email stating they reversed their decision and decided to keep it in Vegas. I guess I wasn’t the only one that wanted to keep it in Vegas. I’m stoked about the decision. I didn’t think it was possible. I say keep it in Vegas. Why ruin a good thing?

Yes I know Vegas is completely distracting but can work and play not be balanced? Does Vegas make it more difficult to work? What are your thoughts?

Continue reading to see the official press release from Interbike:
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iMD Rider: Kris

Kris put up a little short while on his way to SJ before we all left for Interbike.

Vegas Interbike Festivities.

Vegas was hot, hot, hot. Imagine walking down the Las Vegas strip in 100+ degree weather. Painful. Now imagine riding your bike as fast as you can while the heat closes in on you just as fast; so fast that you start to lose your bodily functions.

That’s how bad it felt while riding in the arid desert heat. Props to the local Vegas riders who have to endure that on a daily basis.

Picture from MASH

Picture from MASH

The first race, which consisted of three stages, was the drag race down the Las Vegas Strip. One of our own local riders, Alvin Chen, took first place in the alleycat.

Thursday was the Las Vegas Criterium, which was just a 4 lap race around a few blocks in old Las Vegas. It was about 100x harder than it sounds. I would say half of the people dropped out during the race, as the heat was just too much.

Not the case for Marcopolis, he roughed it out through the intense heat for a 3rd place victory. Score another win for the Bay Area!

Photo by Ace Carretaro

Photo by Ace Carretaro

Photo by Ace Carretaro

Photo by Ace Carretaro

Who say’s that people don’t ride to Interbike?

Riding the strip just for fun is a lot less strenuous. It is highly recommended.


Interbike 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Interbike is crazy. First 2 days are just mayhem. Too many people in there, can’t get around to anything, it’s a pain. That’s why I only showed up for the last day. Easier to get around, easier to talk to vendors, no one stands in front of your camera, and people are hungover so they’re less likely to bug you about buying their revolutionary cycling bib with bluetooth capabilities.

Interbike was awesome. 8 hours was just enough time to get around to all the vendors I needed to talk to. 2 Breakfast Burritos, 1 Red Bull, Lots of free energy gels and drinks was enough to keep me amped through out my shift at Interbike. All in all, the day went very well. Thanks to Specialized and Globe Bikes for the Las Vegas Interbike hook. Drew, Robin and Jesse you guys are fuckin awesome!

Stay tuned for all the upcoming brands we will be stocking in the store. Check out the pics from Interbike. Click any of them to get to the entire set. Lots of Bike Pr0n. I mostly took pictures of fixed-gear bikes while I was there.

iMD@Interbike 2009

iMD@Interbike 2009

iMD@Interbike 2009

iMD@Interbike 2009

iMD@Interbike 2009

iMD@Interbike 2009

iMD inside Vegas.

A few of us will be making the long, arduous 45-minute plane flight to Las Vegas for five days.

As most of you bike enthusiasts know, Interbike is going on right now in Las Vegas. It is the trade show to attend for all things bicycles.

In honor of Interbike, there are going to be several different races and sprints.




We will be checking out Interbike as well as participating in a couple of the events. Make sure you check back for a recap of the events early next week. What happens in Vegas, gets posted on iMD for the whole world to see.