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Small Business Saturday Sale!

In honor of Small Business Saturday, we’re extending ALL Black Friday Deals until Sunday!

Doors open @ 11 am!

Small Business 11262014


Questions and inquiries at: sales@iminusd.com

TVC @Hellyer Velodrome July 1, 2nd

Hellyer Velodrome’s annual Testarossa Velodrome Challenge is right around the corner and iMiNUSD is a big part of the event this year. We’ll be hosting Saturday night’s party at the Velodrome, complete with free “drinks” from Tied House. World class national champions will be racing to claim their cut of the $16,000 cash prize. Do not miss this event. JULY 1-2nd @Hellyer Velodrome.

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iMiNUSD + Hellyer Velodrome

We are now an official sponsor for Hellyer Velodrome in San Jose. Be sure to check out tomorrow’s qualifying races for the Testarossa Velodrome Challenge coming in July. Qualifiers start at 12 noon tomorrow, Saturday the 11th. We’ll see you out there.


Trick comp location changed to 401. E. Taylor st. 95112

Wow. Finally, one year has passed since the shop first opened. A lot of hard work and patience has gone into carving out a lifestyle that reflected our values throughout the years. Thank you for riding along side us and for the many miles to come.

Ride simply. Simply ride.

-24 HOURS*

*Scalleycat starts at 2pm Saturday 11/20 @iMiNUSD and will
finish at 2pm Sunday 11/21 @ Paisley Haus (1177 West San Carlos,
San Jose). You must be in before 2pm or you will be DQ’ed
**2 Person teams only, if you do not a team you will be paired with
someone during registration. In a worst case scenario if there is
absolutely no one you can be paired with, a 3 person team will be ok.
Also it is $5 per person, not per team.
***Please try to have a digital camera in your team with a SD memory
card. If neither one of you have a digital camera with a SD memory
card, an approved camera phone will suffice (decent resolution required)

Bike Friday 9/17, Tonight

There are some pretty happening events going on tonight. Pick your poison.

From SJFixed:
“If Bike Party is not your type of thing, then head to Hellyer Velodrome to watch some of the Bay’s mightiest sprinters duke it out. btw- Free food and free beer. :)”

“So the SJBP have redone the format of Bike Party and have limited the ride location and route to a few people to help cut down on the growing attendance and the people that don’t belong there (you know the type of people I’m talking about).  If you’d like to come and partake in SJBP and dress up in some pirate gear (optional), by all means meet up at iMiNUSD, stock up in your bike party supplies, and head out with us.

Meet: 6:30pm @ iMiNUSD
Depart: 7:00pm
W2B: Lights, Weather appropriate clothing, Tools, Tubes, Good attitudes & riding etiquette, Water/Treats, Smiles, and Happy faces



VELO CITY 2010 @Hellyer Velodrome

There is an Affinity Cyclone up for grabs at this trick comp. You should come out. The weather looks like its going to be awesome on Saturday so don’t miss this one. See you there.


Velo City 2010: Gold Sprints @iMD

SJFixed iMiNUSD Hellyer Velodrome

SJFixed iMiNUSD Hellyer Velodrome

Flier by Jp F.

Hellyer Velodrome

2009-07-23 13.55.36, originally uploaded by carlpreme.

iMD’s @Hellyer velodrome in San Jose.