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Small Business Saturday Sale!

In honor of Small Business Saturday, we’re extending ALL Black Friday Deals until Sunday!

Doors open @ 11 am!

Small Business 11262014


Questions and inquiries at: sales@iminusd.com

New Retrospec Colors

We just got a shipment of new Retrospecs in 4 new colors: fire-engine red, gun-metal, glossy teal and a matte black with gold accent parts. $320 Complete, Fixed/Single Speed. In-Store Only. Come in today and check out the new colorways.

Work to Bike Race! SF!

Globe Bikes and MASH are throwing a race in SF next week. All the information is below. The grand prize is this limited edition Globe fixed gear bike.

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Chrome Coveted Jersey

iMiNUSD Exclusive

You heard it here first: Chrome SF and Garrett Chow of MASH/GLOBE have collaborated to design a Jersey that can only be obtained by winning certain Chrome sponsored Alleycats/bike events. There are only 200 of these limited edition Coveted jerseys produced by Capo in Italy.

“You won’t find the jerseys on our site or in any stores. We’re not selling them and won’t be giving these away. The only way to get one is by winning an alleycat, sprints race, polo match or some kind of similar event”, says Chrome Marketing Director, Matt Sharkey.

We will get some pics of our jerseys as soon as we get them. We will be getting a few of these jerseys to award our top finishers for our events this coming season. Keep your eyes and ears open for SJFixed’s Relationship series as well as iMD midnight runs. We will be having random 48 hour notice midnight alleycats soon. Follow us on Twitter or our blog to be up to date on your chances to get one of these Coveted Chrome Jersey’s.

Globe Roll by Garrett Chow

Globe Roll by Garrett Chow

We received a nice surprise earlier today by some of our friends over at Globe and got a sneak peak of the fully custom Globe Roll 1, hand painted by Garrett, which is to be given away at next weekends NAHBS festivities in Richmond, VA. Let me tell you, this thing is sick. Chub Hubs, 75’s, Nitto, and MKS make this Roll perfect. The paint job on it is absolutely perfect. So many different types of paint. The contrasts between the gloss and the matte is Amazing. Garrett, I’m coming to drop off my frame. 🙂

Don’t miss the NAHBS festivities next weekend.

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Grand Opening Finale Prizes. Tomorrow.

All the prizes are in, manifests/spokecards are done, kegs are cold, food is set and It looks like the weather will be good to go for tomorrow. This event is rain or shine. Food and drinks will be provided after the race and throughout the night. Come out and celebrate our grand opening tomorrow. We’re giving away $2500+ in prizes!!!! See you in 18 hours…

Grand Opening...

Phil wood hubs


It’s official! We’re open. 🙂

Things have been quite hectic with getting the boutique setup but we are finally ready to “officially” open. Hopefully you don’t miss this event. We, as well as our sponsors, are stoked about everything finally coming together. It’s been a long time coming. Thank you for all of your support thus far and we look forward to seeing you.

Prize pics to come…

Globe Roll 1 review

Check out my new favorite bike. No joke. Yes I do ride bikes that cost more then some cars but seriously, the Globe Roll 1 is my new favorite. It’s perfect for daily riding. I’m not training for some big race, I’m mainly just riding around for fun. This bike is perfect for that. The Reynolds 520 handmade frame is perfect for beating around.

Yes, I know nothing is stock on the bike but what can you do? 🙂 The bike comes complete with very good parts for a beginner-mid level entry bike. I wanted to see what the frame would like built up the way I ride/build. I honestly think the bike came out pretty sick. I still don’t know how I feel about the crossbar between the risers, but i did get it for $2 at our SJF swap a couple weeks back.

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Globe Roll 2.

Thanks to Globe Bikes for kicking down a couple Roll 2’s for our goldsprints setup. The 42/17 gearing made for a brutal GHOUL SPRINTS.

Halloween recap

What an awesome month of October it was: alleycats, goldsprints, parties, rides, magazine shoots, storefront improvements and of course the warmest October we’ve had in years here in SJ. This past week was a big week for iMD and SJF. With the costume ride kicking off our Halloween weekend and ending it with the Gold Sprints mansion party, the weekend was nothing short of Epic.

SJF Hell and Back 10.31

Thanks to all those who raced “To Hell and Back”. Tim Tornado Tsuruda aka “Twinky”, from SJF, took top honors followed by Marc “Marcopolis” and then Martine “The Big Gear”.

SJF Hell and Back 10.31

SJF Hell and Back 10.31

Our very first Goldsprints tournament was a huge success even with the little hardware hiccups during the beginning of the tournament. We had a total of 40 riders register for the event. Our biggest complaint for the night was the 42/17 gearing we decided to use for the sprints. I left it that way to make it even more painful for the racers.

SJF Halloween10.31.09

Once again, Tim took top honors followed by Thyna Mao, Maurice Monge and Andrew “Fast” Ho coming in 4th place. Thanks to everyone who decided to spend their Halloween eve with us for sprints and drinks.

SJF Halloween10.31.09

Big Thanks to Globe Bikes for hooking it up with a couple Roll 2’s for our Goldsprints setup, Open Sprints for providing support during our software/hardware build, DJ RESPIN for emceeing the event and Darin, from SJF, for letting us trash your place. 🙂 Thank you October for the amazing month!

SJF Halloween10.31.09

SJF Halloween10.31.09

SJF Halloween10.31.09

SJF Halloween10.31.09

To Hell and Back Alleycat!

Flier by
JP, Unvanished!

New Globe bikes in stock.

We now have the Globe Roll 1 in Lassen Grey and the Olive Green Roll 2 in stock. Major differences between the Roll 1 and 2; the Roll 2 has a lugged fork, Sugino Messenger crankset, 42mm deep profile rims, sealed bearing allen key hubs and legit track pedals. These bikes are the best deal as far as stock bikes are concerned. There isn’t a better deal out there.

Globe Roll 1- Grey

Globe Roll 2- Green

Globe bikes are here!!!

Globe Roll, Live and 2010 Specialized Langster’s are here. Specialized definitely stepped up their game for this years line. Specialized Echelon Helmets in stock too. Echelon= $65 sexy helmet.

Nowhere to go but up.

I was talking to Mark today, and he mentioned that the store was receiving so many items that the only place for them was up. What? Up. And he pointed up. All around the store.

In fact, iMD is expecting a huge shipment of Globe bikes as this is being written. Who knows, maybe they’ve arrived already. You better get over to the shop right now. Stop reading.