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Jakob, Josh & Torey NY Riding

This one’s got some bangers in it for sure. Fonseca is definitely going out with a bang with this last edit.

Chris Fonseca:
“I filmed the footage awhile ago in Spring/Summer 2011 of Jakob Santos, Josh Boothby and Torey Thornton.

This is my final edit for fixed gear biking.
Thanks for your support”

Revoked DVD

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imd spotlight: Taylor “slaylor” dwight.

Photo Credit: Jerome Love

This past weekend, Lockedcog threw the first ever alley trick cat. iMiNUSD sponsored this event, amongst other including Eighth Inch, Lucky Lefty’s, Prolly, John Cardiel, and Red Bull. It’s awesome to see Kris and Brad of Lockedcog to  throw an event like this, especially seeing the fixed-gear industry moving towards freestyle riding. Moreover, it’s no surprise that we would hear news of iMD team rider Taylor “Slaylor” Dwight doin’ damage at this event. Not to mention, Taylor took first place at all 5 stops of the trick cat! Continue reading