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Premier Fits X Matt Reyes & Devon Lawson


PEEP the latest production from Wheel Talk!


Small Business Saturday Sale!

In honor of Small Business Saturday, we’re extending ALL Black Friday Deals until Sunday!

Doors open @ 11 am!

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Questions and inquiries at: sales@iminusd.com


It’s that time of the year again, and the iMiNUSD Staff will be in Las Vegas for Interbike 2014. Online orders entered between September 10 – September 13 will be processed on Monday, September 15th. Please allow 1 – 3 business days for your orders to be shipped.

For any questions please email sales@iminusd.com.

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Forest Parker: Scraps 12′-13′

iMiNUSD Rider Forest Parker just put together this little edit of his leftover clips from 2012-2013, enjoy!

iMiNUSD 4 year anniversary recap





This past weekend we celebrated our 4th anniversary alongside breezy excursion’s 5th anniversary.  Like every year, we had riders come in from near and far to participate in our race and FGFS comp. here are a few snaps of what went on. 
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Jakob Santos: Spike Parts

Team rider Jakob Santos has been off his bike due to a broken foot. But right before he did that he was filming this for Spike Parts. Expect to see more from Jakob once his foot heals up.

Can’t Fool The Youth Trailer

hard to believe that it’s been almost a year since we premiered chop ’em down films’ first installment of the “Can’t Fool The Youth” video magazine. for the second edition, we see a bunch of our iminusd riders ripping some local and faraway spots. the official premiere will be before the redbull event, and hopefully it’ll premiere somewhere near you. for now, we have the teaser.

the grime’s shredwell 2 premiere at iminusd

ed wonka was in town for a minute and while he was here we had a premiere of their long awaited shredwell 2 movie. though i can’t personally show you the actual movie, i can show you what i shot before the movie- everyone who came rode around downtown and turnt up. 

shredwell 2 intro

SHREDWELL2 INTRO from Matt Reyes on Vimeo

iminusd rider matt reyes upped this one the other day. it’s grime bike’s intro to their long awaited production known at shredwell 2. mike schmitt, devon lawson, anthony combs, gabe alcantara, ed wonka, matt reyes and christian hamrick go all out- and this isn’t even the full length. look out for the hardcopy this year and pick up a grime ghost while it’s on sale!


iMD RiDER Matt “Slumworm” Reyes has been working on a Fixed Freestyle documentary. You already know anything this guy touches turns in to gold. We’re all hyped for this project. If you haven’t seen his September montage he put out last week, check it out below.