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Small Business Saturday Sale!

In honor of Small Business Saturday, we’re extending ALL Black Friday Deals until Sunday!

Doors open @ 11 am!

Small Business 11262014


Questions and inquiries at: sales@iminusd.com

Charge Scissor re-up

We were able to get our hands on a couple more Charge Scissor Smalls and Mediums. We also have Scissor forks in both black and Orange available. Get these while you can.

Parts re-up

We just got a bunch of product back in stock. Charge Buckets, Charge Scissor forks, Halo 2.2″ 26″ tires, BMX Stems, 26″ MTX-33 wheelsets coming soon, etc…

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More Charge Plugs

Here are some more Charge Plug completes we have in stock. Charge makes some pretty nice complete bikes. We have these bikes in all sizes and colors in stock.

Charge Plug Griffen

Charge Plug Grinder

Charge Plug Urban

Charge Bikes Plug

We just got some new Charge Bikes completes in stock. The Charge Plug Freestyler and the Charge Plug Racer. We have the entire Charge Plug complete lineup arriving in the next few days. Keep checking back for updates.

Charge Bikes Racer

Charge Bikes Freestyler

Charge Scissor

There are a few Charge Scissor’s (MED) still available. All Smalls are sold out until the 3rd shipment in May. Get these here while you still can. Black and Orange Scissor forks are in stock also.

Which frame are you?

Sooo..today was hgectic fuckedf (it needed to be spelled that way). Seriously. Everything decided to show up today; Scissors, GOrilla’s and Tree-Lite’s. Everything is now gone and out of the shop. Thanks for everyone’s patience who pre-ordered. If you were one of the 40, you should have received tracking information by now, if not, expect something in the next couple days.

Once again, thanks to all of you for the constant support.

BTW- We’ve got Charge Buckets in stock, in every color. We also have MED Scissors still available and both fork colors.

Scissor Ménage à trois…

Nhan, Brandon and Jeff (from left to right) all happened to stop by the shop at the same time today. We had to get a shot of the Ménage

Charge Scissor's @iMD

Brandon on his Charge Scissor.

Midwest Mayhem…DONE!

Congrats to Slaylor for placing 3rd and to Robert and Kris for placing and competing at this past weekends Midwest Mayhem Trick comp. The turn out looked great. Great work to all the organizers that put this on. We hope this is the first of many events like this. Huge congrats to all those who placed and traveled 100’s of miles to make it to Milwaukee. BIG THANK YOU to MILWAUKEE!

Kris of Lockedcog rockin the iMD RIDE tee @MWM.

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Charge Plug

Owner: Antonelle, SteezMachine
Bike: Charge Plug Freestyler
Wheelset: iMiNUSD iD42
Crankset: Sugino x Charge Messenger
Chain: Charge Masher half-link
Saddle: Charge Bucket
Pedalset: iDStrap | Odyssey twisted

(pic via D4zzle)

iMiNUSD online boutique

We just updated our online store with more of our products including our RIDE tee’s, featured on Pedal Consumption, as well as some other goodies. Check it out. Pre-orders for Charge Scissor’s and Gorilla Kilroy’s are now available online also.

We will be adding more and more products online. Check back often or follow us on Twitter to stay up to date.

btw- Tree-lite sprockets in 39T and 44T raw will be arriving next week.

Yes we can ship international.

Charge Buckets @iMD

Charge buckets now @iMD including the Charge x Wiggle Bucket. Everyone stateside is sold out on these saddles. Get them while you can. Email or call to place an order. We can ship these.


2nd shipment Charge Scissor Pre-order

Email us or call in to secure your Charge Scissor today. We’ve got Scissor frames in both Small and Medium and also Forks in Black and Orange coming in a couple weeks.

Charge Scissor Frame- Small or Medium
Charge Scissor Fork- Black or Orange

Call 408.287.2310 or email Sales@iMiNUSD.com to pre-order. We can also accept payments via Paypal.

Charge Scissor= BEEF!

Jeff’s build is all done! He’s running 38c tires on his setup. Everything is super legit on this bike. I think he’s just waiting on some Volume Trickster bars to complete the build. The thing rides legit. Uber amounts of clearance with a solid feeling. The geometry feels really nice on this too. Thumbs up to Charge for this one! Full review coming once he gets some seat time on this.

Charge Scissor frame- small
Charge Scissor fork
Charge Half-link chain
Demolition crankset
Demolition EURO BB
Volume Krull
46T chainring
Odyssey Pedals/ iDStrap
Thomson seatpost/stem
Chukker wheelset
Specialized 38c tires

Charge Scissor

Charge Scissor

Charge Scissor

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Charge SCISSOR’s are here @iMD!!!

If you pre-ordered yours you will be getting a shipping notification from us today. More framesets and forks coming in the next 2-4 weeks. If you want to get in on the next order, give us a call or email to pre-order yours today. We do have 2 Small frames left in stock but zero forks. Forks are due in the next couple weeks.

Check back in a couple hours to see one completely built. We’re working on the build right now.

These framesets are sick. The orange forks are amazing as well as the overall build quality of the frame. You gotta see these in person.

Charge Scissor's