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SJFixed Calendar

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 11.34.44 PMHere is a tentative schedule of some of the upcoming rides and events for SJFixed. Save it on your phone and  try to make it to some of the rides. Ride fixed, ride fast!


SJFixed Memorial day BBQ

Via SJFixed:
“Once a year, we come together full force to put together some SJFam magic. So much win every year. t’d be dope to get some more volleyball/dodgeball/tug-o-war/water balloons/da succ going this year. This is an open event, as all SJF functions are. Roadies, Track, FGFS, TNRs, iMD all at one spot. Bring your friends but make sure everyone throws in. Below is a list of things that we’ll need in order to get things going. I plan to be there as early as 8 to save a spot. EVERYONE BRING YOUR OWN DRANKS!”

iMiNUSD & Chrome Present: Tour of California

For those who cannot be there to watch the TOC finish at the top of Sierra, we’re teaming up with Chrome Bags to put together a trick comp and BBQ to celebrate TOC coming through San Jose. It’ll be held right in front of the shop, so come by for some good food and great entertainment.
All Chrome purchases that day will include a special gift from Chrome and any further purchases will also get a gift from iMiNUSD.

From John: “iMiNUSD got together with Chrome to put together a california bbq/trick comp/kegger/sesh. This comp is not for the sponsored or the well known figures all over the net. Mark and I were talking last night and would like to encourage the amateurs and the people that are scared to show their skill in front of the masses. Come out and compete for prizes. This will be a small but eventful afternoon.”

3-6PM @ iMiNUSD (112 Paseo De San Antonio, San Jose, CA 95121)