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Support your LBS.

Please vist our stocking dealers below to find products from iMiNUSD, Sadio, BreakBrake17, Spike Parts, Grime Bikes and YNOT. If you would like your LBS to carry any of these brands please have them contact us. Thank you.

(Photo credit: Brad of Freewheel, Canada)

iMiNUSD: BreakBrake17 and Spike Parts

We are proud to announce that we’re now the official US Distributor for BreakBrake17 (BB17) and Spike Parts. As the largest purveyor of FGFS in the US, it was a natural union for us to represent BreakBrake17 and Spike parts.

We currently have the full BreakBrake17 line available for purchase here along with the full Spike Parts line here.

For shops who are interested in carrying BB17 or Spike parts, please contact us.

iMiNUSD: Sadio Bikes

iMiNUSD is now the official US west coast distributor for Sadio bikes. We will have the full line available soon. If you’d like to carry Sadio products in your shop or at your LBS, please contact for more information.