iMiNUSD Top Ten Holiday Gift Ideas!


We at iMiNUSD know that finding the perfect holiday gift for your fellow cyclist can be a struggle. Therefore we took the liberty to put together the following list to make your holiday shopping a lot easier!  We handpicked ten gifts at iMiNUSD that we think your loved ones would truly appreciate. Whether they ride freestyle, track, BMX, road, or casually ride around town. There’s something on this list for everyone! And all for under $50!

#10  Crane Bell Karen Strike, $15

IMG_2718 (1)A vintage style looking bell that provides a loud & clear tone. Available in copper, brass & alloy!

Here’s another way bike bells can be used. 🙂

#9 Bookman Cup Holder, $39 for those morning commutes! Grab and go with this cup holder and keep your freshly brewed cup of jo’ with you while you ride.

Made of stainless steel and EPDM rubber. Attach the cup holder by pressing the rings together and sliding the holder on to the handlebar. Flip the cup holder for large or small ring to use with different cup sizes. Use the storage cube to keep the holder flat for storing.

#8 iMiNUSD Crest Zip Up, $45:

Crest Zip 1232014One word, Swag.

#7 Shimano Dura-Ace Track Chain Whip,  $52

IMG_2722Hands down the best track chain whip ever made. This is the same chainwhip we use at the shop and it has never given us any problems.

#6 The Shadow Conspiracy Metal Bar Ends, $20:

IMG_2715 (1)Comes in a variety of colors, perfect for BMX/FGFS bikes.

#5 Poler Camp Vibes Beanie, $30$35: In-Store Only

beanie4_1da442c1-053e-4692-8329-6bfa0e7d0369_1024x1024Keep heads warm during this winter season, designed in Portland, OR.

#4 Izumi Eco Chain, $25:

IMG_2720Good quality Japanese bike chain at an affordable price!

#3 IMD Purist water bottle in the grid design, $13:

Infused with Silicon Dioxide that provides an ultra crisp and clean taste.

#2 Oury Grips in GLOW IN THE DARK, $13:

oury_grips__91528.1410155853.1280.1280 (1)Because everyone loves glow in the dark. 🙂

#1 Chrome Tool Roll Small Bag, $25: In-Store Only

toolroll_s_v1 toolroll_s_heroFit all your essential tools underneath your saddle and never leave the house unprepared.

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