Photo cred: Neil Laxamana

Sunday was a beautiful day for an ugly race. 23 riders and a deep crowd of spectators came from far and wide to be a part of the 3rd annual Shark City Crit.  Kitted out riders, high end cameras, cold beers, paletas surrounded the course.  Stretches, warm up laps and rollers were spinning surrounding the SAP Center course with a hum of rising tension.

Nobody knew how things were going to play out. Amongst the pack, was two time Shark City Crit Champion, Josue Acosta from EPA, a fan fave who brought with him new faces from the EPAFG fam.  SJF’s usuals were in the building, filling at least half the field. WTTVC riders showed up as promise, but could they lock a spot on the podium? Renowned SJ street sprinter Isaac arrived, while his wheels arrived separately via Maciej’s motorcycle courier service. Modesto’s Bagel Junction fam came through deep to taste a bit of SJ’s fixed gear frenzy.

Photo Cred: Neil Laxamana

After a quick rider meeting and a neutral lap, a whistle signaled the beginning of what would become a 20 mile race around the Tank.  The course, a collected calamity of road construction, red lights and traffic dared each rider to bring something a little extra to this little San Jose street race.  Nobody could predict Aaron Garcia pulling out an early lead putting an astonishing gap between him and the chase pack.  An early gap that nearly nobody expected him to keep.  About halfway through you could see the heat begin to wear on our riders as a few began throwing their bottles at the crowd begging for something to cool them down. Riders were helping each other, taking turns pulling in the headwind.  Others weren’t so lucky. Getting lapped and pulled from the course is never a good feeling, but receiving applause from those who came to watch lifts the heart in a defeated moment. As the lap cards continued to countdown closer and closer to the final lap the lead pack began to shift in their order, leaving the crowd continuously anxious and curious to see what new face would be coming around the last sprint corner.  Around the final turn we were surprised to see “youngster” Aaron pull the lead pack through the finish line, with Josue and Isaac tight on his 6.  After a small 1-second gap Adrian and Eli came through the finish line pouring everything and anything left in the tank into that last sprint.  A great race it was, but it was more grand to see the comradely between riders before and after the race. Thank you again for coming out to support SJFixed events!  YOU MADE THIS HAPPEN.

1st –  Aaron Garcia

2nd – Josue Acosta

3rd – Isaac Palib

4th – Adrian Mendoza

5th – Eli Alvarado

A big thank you shout out to all our volunteers for their hard work: Eric Chao for throwing down an ill flier for the the 3rd consecutive year. Alvin for hooking up the lap cards and race numbers. Johnny, Al, Neil, Wagner for catching the race on GoPros and cameras. Justin, Carl, and James for working the lap cards.  Alex and Wagner on radio communications keeping our riders safe. A huge thank you goes out to our sponsors Leader Bike Co., Chrome Industries, Kali Protectives, Boombotix, and as always iMiNUSD for you your continued support.

-Tanner SJF

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