sweep: AFC Uproar Coverage by Jmik

Last weekend AFC Uproar @ the SF Bike Expo pro contest went down with a really big showing by the iMinusD team and family. Riders included Kenny Arimoto, Jeffy D, Matt “slumworm” Reyes, Josh Boothby, Johnny Coward, Jakob Santos, Devon Lawson, and Mel King (winner of the am contest the day prior).

Boothby, all day. With the full face. Rad.

SE bikes‘ Johnny Coward.

First place winner of the am comp, Mel King.

Wheeltalk’s Matt “Slumworm” Reyes

Jeffy D.

Grime Bikes‘ Devon Lawson.

Destroy’s Kenny “deadwood” Arimoto.

LDG’s Jakob Santos.
After the main part of the comp was the best trick contest. Dudes either threw down or got thrown down in the effort to win.

209 cogs’ Tommy Mao went down with a broken finger off the rainbow rail going for the double peg to hang over.

Young James Vanotti tried a 180 fakie feeble- he smacked his head hard off this one.

Everyone’s favorite crazy dude and iMD rider, Anthony Combs, gave us a show with a bunch of superman attempts.

Big boy wheeled Alex AKA jaja did a huge 180 off the box.

Matt Reyes pulled out the wall to wall to 3.

Jeffy D pulled a feeble down the box to 180- that sendoff on the box is really low, so this was super hard to pull off.

In the end, Kenny Arimoto took third place, Jakob Santos took second, and in first was Matt Reyes. Jeffy D took the best trick contest. For history’s sake, this is the second time Matt has won this event, and a full iMinusD team sweep!

For more photos and am overage of the AFC Uproar competition, be sure to swing by Bomb Hills Speed Kills!



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