Pathways for kids 14th Anniversary Gala Auction

On November 9th, Pathways For kids which raises money to help empower and educate underserved inner city children, held their 14th annual Anniversary Gala Auction. To help raise money we donated a Retrospec Siddhartha single speed cruiser. We are very proud to announce that our donation raised $385 to help the children. For more information on “Pathways For Kids” continue reading for more info.

Pathways For Kids serves to empower San Francisco’s underserved, inner-city youth by exposing them to career opportunities through mentoring and motivational programs, with an emphasis on entrepreneurialism, investing, and capital-building. Pathways’ vision is to prepare inner city kids for both higher education and a variety of career options by involving them in career exploration activities – in class, after class, in the workplace and one-on-one – tapping their imagination and motivation and inspiring them to explore their own paths. Through the ongoing recruitment of volunteer coaches, Pathways also advances philanthropy in our community as participants enjoy the opportunity to give back to the kids by sharing their own experiences.

Chances are that you know a family or individual that has experienced challenges due to lack of education, ethnic heritage or financial circumstances. Pathways for Kids is striving to make direct impact on the lives of young people to provide them with opportunities that they may have never considered in the past based on one or all of the above mentioned challenges. And now there is a way that your organization may be more involved in our efforts.”

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