iMiNUSD 3 Year Anniversary 9/29

The time has finally come for our yearly anniversary event with Breezy Excursion. We will be hosting a FGFS comp and an Alleycat this year. All the info for the FGFS comp and race can be found below. Also, everything we will be selling at our booth will be 15% off retail prices. Please note, our actual store will be closed for the day. Come out and compete or just come and help us celebrate. Don’t miss out on this day’s festivities. Check the fliers below for all the craziness that will be going on.

Thank you for an amazing 3 years.

FGFS Comp:
Registration 11am
Comp starts 11:45am
$5 to compete
18 and under must have parental/guardian signature
Helmets are required
2 classes: AM and Pro

SJFixed Apocalypse Series Stage four: THE RAPTURE Alleycat:
Registration 12:00pm
Race starts 1:00pm
Race ends at 4:00pm where it started
$5 Race Fee
Bag and lock not required
~30 miles if routed correctly
Top Ten receive SERIES POINTS.

Here’s a bunch more info on everything else going on throughout the event. Get excited for Saturday.

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