Recap: Chrome x iMiNUSD Collaboration Event

Here it FINALLY is. The long awaited recap of the Chrome + iMiNUSD collaboration release event. Big thanks to Chrome for giving us the opportunity to collaborate with such a talented team of people. And an even bigger thanks to all of you who came out and supported the cause. This, by far, has been the biggest event the San Jose scene has witnessed.

Photos are all of what we remember from that night. We managed to get some awesome ones, considering how blurry everything else was. (photo credit: Marco Bercasio)  Here’s the recap.

Folks started piling in early to get first dibs on the new product and unlimited beer (sponsored by Pabst).

Check out the sticker-bombed innards of the new Chrome x iMiNUSD Delta backpack.

Our service bar turned into a much realer “bar” that night.

The shop lookin like a club.

Lotsa love goes out to the guys over at Chrome. Once again – thanks for having us, have you.

Did we mention that the event was sponsored by Pabst?

Kenny Arimoto partaking in the all-you-can drink beer festivities.

Ed Wonka having all kindsa fun.

Matt Montoya having his OWN kind of fun.

Everyone feelin good and feelin the camera.

Until next time, folks..

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