BreakBrake17: Transfer Frame

The new BreakBrake17 Transfer track frame is just beautiful. With triple triangle pursuit geometry and Columbus Cromor tubing the combination is pure genius. We got the chance to take the prototype out for a spin and it is solid and fast. It has the feel of steel but the quick handling and aggressiveness of “lo pro” aluminum frames. The Transfer will be available in 3 sizes, 53cm-57cm, and will also include the matching fork and headset. Pre-order’s for the frameset are now open.

3 responses to “BreakBrake17: Transfer Frame

  1. i really like the Subrosa Letum and i was planing on buying one so pleas keep them in production and im sure a lot of outer people like the to

  2. this frame is sick!! does the prototype have 28cm tires on it?…i wonder what the max tire you could put on it is 28,32?

  3. Aldrich bagaoisan

    Nice bike

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