Bikecheck: Jeffy D’s PFix

Here are the full specs on Jeffy D‘s PFix. If you’ve ever had the chance to ride with Jeff, you know he rips on this bike. Check back often for more rider bikechecks.

Frame: Specialized Pfix
Fork: Specialized Pfix
Bars: Spun
Stem: Animal Topload
Seat: Sadio Fatboy
Seat post: Sadio
Cranks: Specialized 175mm
Pedal/strap: Specialized/burro mud flaps
Sprocket: Specialized Swiss Cheese
Hubs/Rims: Specialized PFix
Chain: Shadow
Pegs: Shadow
Hubguards: Mutiny hub buddy
Tires: Specialized Hemisphere
Gear ratio: 28:10

One response to “Bikecheck: Jeffy D’s PFix

  1. What size is the frame size?

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