iMiNUSD 2.0 and Cyber Monday Sale

Welcome to the newest version of iMiNUSD’s website. These past two years have been nothing but trial and error, progress and growing pains. Although our shop had gone through some drastic changes, our website was still stuck in an awkward pre-teen stage. I think we can all agree that it was finally time to grow up.

So here it is. There are a lot of added components and functions that include the blog, the online store and Rider’s page. We hope you find the new website to be easier to navigate and just overall, prettier.

Lastly, we really couldn’t have made it this far without your backing and support. So to show our appreciation (and because we’re feeling a little generous than usual), we’re offering you up to 40% off selected items and free shipping for domestic purchases. Try not to go nuts!

Thanks again for the ridiculous amounts of love and support. We hope that we can continue to provide the type of customer service that you deserve.

Happy Holidays from the iMiNUSD family.

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