Retro Fixed Gears now $320

5 different frame colors, nine different color deep V style wheels, mix and match any color combo for $320. Steel track frame, flip-flop rear hub, Deep V style wheels, includes both cog/lockring for fixed side and a freewheel for those that like to coast. If you’ve been wanting to try out a single speed/fixed gear bike, this is the best way to get into it. This new run of Retro bikes have been greatly improved from last year’s bikes and are now available in sizes 41cm-57cm.

Retro Deep V wheelsets are also on sale for $150 for the complete set with tubes, tires, cog and lockring installed.

This deal is only available in store.

4 responses to “Retro Fixed Gears now $320

  1. Very informative posts Mark C, glad I found this site. Thanks. I will link to you from Stumble and Digg

  2. How can i buy this Online ?? Or Do i have to go The Store and Get it

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