Chrome x FTC Yalta Rolltop

The very limited FTC x Chrome Yalta rolltop will be available here at iMiNUSD.

“This year, seminal skateboard retailer, For The City, celebrates 25 years of being in business. To pay tribute to this incredible brand, Chrome is honored to announce the release of the FTC25 Yalta rolltop backpack. Occupying their own respective neighborhoods in the San Francisco landscape, it was only natural that these two iconic brands collide to create one very special collaboration. It is impossible to talk about San Francisco skateboarding in the 90s without mentioning FTC.
Virtually all of the top pro skaters in the world who came up through that decade were somehow affiliated with the FTC shop. It helped to start our city’s local movement and has since expanded globally to include shops in Sacramento, Tokyo and Barcelona. Two of our own Familia members, John Cardiel and John Igei have also been representing FTC for well over a decade. Built off of the framework of the already very popular Yalta, we added an engraved shark-tooth closure with the FTC25 logo and applied the FTC word mark to the lower right pocket in 3M reflective material for night visibility. Limited to 600 pieces globally, the FTC25 Yalta will be available through FTC and Chrome shops and through a handful of select retailers. Don’t miss out on this very special rolltop bag and the chance to own a mile-marker in skateboarding history.

Built To Live Here.
For The City.


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