Mashafix: iMiNUSD 2 Year

Here’s a good edit put together by Jahrome of Mashafix.

“I recently traveled up to Northern California on a mission to capture some of the best Fixed Gear riders in the world. On September 11, 2011 I traveled to San Jose, Ca. for the 2nd. annual iMiNUSD freestyle fixed gear trick competition. The day started out with a train ride from San Francisco.
I was able to travel with two of the best FSFG riders ever Josh Boothby and Matt Reyes to the event which was amazing because they took both 1st. and 2nd. place in the trick comp that day so I will never forget that day for sure. Especially because Mr. “Boothby All Day” after the competition was over decided to take his riding to the street and led the group we were riding with into a driveway full of thorns which made all of our tubes go flat at the same time ….. so thanks again ! LOL ! But besides that it was a day full of great riding and good times. The turn out was really good attracting people of all ages to come out and spectate. I swear iMiNUSD couldn’t have picked anyone better than Wonka to announce the comp. I went through hours of footage and I swear his commentary is priceless. I have had so much fun on this trip up north filming and I even got a chance to film with some of the iMiNUSD team riders prior to the event and visited there storefront located in San Jose, Ca. I was very impressed with there store. They literally carry almost everything in stock for all your Track or Trick parts and accessories. I really like the vibe I got when I got there I saw a group of kids and riders outside hanging out and the employees were very friendly. It was definitely a community bike shop and a place I would recommend to anyone. I also met the owner Mark at the comp and he was awesome and even gave me a shirt to rep and I been doing just that down south here in Long Beach, Ca. Well I hope you all enjoy this video I put together from the trick comp. I want to give a special thanks to Jay for holding down the extra cam to get a some different angles and thanks to Greyboy for providing the music for the video.”

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