2012 Cinelli Bolt frame

Here is the third rendition of Cinelli’s MASH Bolt frame in arguably the cleanest color way to be released yet. Get it here first as these will ship out from our warehouse this Thursday, 9/22. All sizes in stock!

4 responses to “2012 Cinelli Bolt frame

  1. Hi,

    ‎​i was wondering if you have 58cm size in stock and where can ‎​i find it?‎​i will be in SF for the weekend and possible to pick up also in LA on sept 27th and 28th.

    Pls let me know with the price or you can directly text or call me to 3103101803.




  2. Did you guys use a spacer for the GXP BB on the drive side to fit those Omniums on that bolt frame? Also what is the chain line look like on the bolt frames? Been trying to find that on the webs, but alas no cigar. Have you guys had any problems fitting similar cranks on the smaller frames, I.e. 48cm 50cm? TIA

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