Bikecheck: Kenbo’s Histogram

FRAME/FORK: 48cm Cinelli MASH Histogram
STEM: Cinelli MASH Stem
Handlebars: Cinelli MASH Bullhorn
Bar tape: Cinelli MASH Topo tape
SEAT: NOS Vintage Royal saddle w/ Rudge Campagnolo seat cover
Seatpost: Campagnolo Record Carbon
CRANKSET: Campagnolo Record Pista Crankset
Bottom Bracket: Campagnolo Record Carbon
Pedals: Campagnolo Record Clipless
Wheelset: iMiNUSD iD42
Chain: Izumi GOLD
Tires: Continental Ultra Sport

3 responses to “Bikecheck: Kenbo’s Histogram

  1. What is that seat doing on there?!?!

  2. can’t wait to have one like these…

  3. it really sucks that the geometry changes on these smaller frames. its not the same without the sloping crassbar. that would drive me crazy! i just bought a 53cm, im on holiday though, i miss it so much!! agggh

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