Bikecheck: iMiNUSD Leader & PC KAGERO

Here’s our latest build for the new Leader x Pedal Consumption Kagero. Some may hate on the risers, but the look and feel is soo right on this frame. Come in and check out the bike in person.

FRAME/FORK: Leader Bikes & Pedal Consumption Kagero
SEAT: San Marco Concor Light
CRANKSET: Campagnolo Record Pista Crankset
Chainring: Tomity Sugino ZEN 49T
Rims: Mirror iD42 rims
HUBS: Campagnolo Record Pista
Chain: Izumi GOLD
Tires: Continental Gatorskin Hardshell 700x23c
Weight: 15.8 lbs w/o pedals

3 responses to “Bikecheck: iMiNUSD Leader & PC KAGERO

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