TVC @Hellyer Velodrome July 1, 2nd

Hellyer Velodrome’s annual Testarossa Velodrome Challenge is right around the corner and iMiNUSD is a big part of the event this year. We’ll be hosting Saturday night’s party at the Velodrome, complete with free “drinks” from Tied House. World class national champions will be racing to claim their cut of the $16,000 cash prize. Do not miss this event. JULY 1-2nd @Hellyer Velodrome.

Official Press release from Hellyer:

“Hellyer Velodrome
995 Hellyer Ave
San Jose, CA 95111

Contact: Rick Adams


Announcing the 2011 Testarossa Velodrome Challenge
Celebrating 120 years of fixed gear fever in San Jose CA.

(San Jose CA. – June 20th 2011) The Hellyer Velodrome Association and premier sponsor Testarossa Winery announce the 2011 Testarossa Velodrome Challenge – 2 days of Velodrome adrenaline and racing on July 1st and 2nd at the famed Hellyer Velodrome in San Jose CA. Registration is open with an exciting venue of racing, music, and fun for both competitors and spectators. Races include fixed gear fever favorites: Keirin, Miss n Out, Scratch, Points, Win & Out, 200m sprints and a kiddy kilo.

San Jose started fixed gear fever almost 120 years ago at its first Velodrome near the present day Race Street and the tradition continues with an impressive mix of World and National Competitors including the Project London Team and $16,000 in cash prizes at the 4th Testarossa Velodrome Challenge at the Hellyer Velodrome.

The Elite young Project London Team is coming to the TVC with a string of stellar record-breaking achievements this year in the World 200M TT, US National Standing Start, US Team Sprint, and North American Team Sprint. A spectacle not to miss the TVC event promoters has openly challenged the Project London riders to come and break the Hellyer Velodrome’s 200 m TT record of 10.84 seconds set by Jimmy Watkins. A challenge the Project London riders are openly looking forward too.

Other renowned 2011 TVC riders include: Cristin Walker former US National Champion, Jame Carney winner of 20 USA National Elite Championships, Jimmy Watkins who has won the Pan American Championships, as well as the US Elite Nationals, Logan Loaderformer winner the Grand Prix de Grasse in the Espoir Category and many more world and national competitors that are listed on the TVC “riders to watch” page.

Testarossa Velodrome Challenge sponsors include: IMINUSD, Tied House, KKUP, SportVelo, TeamNolan, Milroy Constuction, Huges Allmart, and MontanoVelo.”

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