Leader and iMiNUSD for Japan

This one’s to help all our friends and families affected by the events in Japan. I personally have family in Japan so this catastrophe hits “home” for me. We’re doing what we can to help out.

Leader Bikes and iMiNUSD have come together to raffle off a 2011 725 track frame, i806A fork and a Red iMiNUSD Chain Tee for $5. For every $5 raffle ticket sold, $5 goes directly to the Japan relief fund. Raffle will end Monday 3/21 @ 7pm.

more details at the jump.

– Mark C

6 responses to “Leader and iMiNUSD for Japan

  1. Is the raffle open to people outside the US?
    I’d like to participate but I’m in Europe, is that ok?

    Anyway, great initiative guys 🙂

  2. Great collab and idea. See you guys soon

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  4. Has a winner been selected yet?

  5. Dying to know who won!

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