iMD Rider: Bill Tran

Over the weekend one of our most fiercest riders, Bill Tran, went down in a crit race. Prayers go out to him, his family, and to all other racers that got injured this past weekend.

From a member on SJFixed:
“Bill went down hard today. I’m posting from his phone in the hospital right now. Not sure how he’s doing yet but will update asap. His bike is completely totalled.
A guy went down so they brought the medic car up which parked on the outside of a 40mph turn. Bill was near the front and ended up crashing into the paramedic car.apparently the medic has never been to a bilke race before and nobody was able to warn the racers about the medic car. Stupid mistake on the medics and organizers side.”

We will be throwing a couple benefit races and sprints for Bill in the coming weeks, and we will also be accepting donations in store to help pay for some medical bills and to get him back on a bike.

4 responses to “iMD Rider: Bill Tran

  1. All bad. They best be picking up the bill.

  2. Was this in berkeley just yesterday?!

  3. Get well soon Bill!

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