SkullyBoom for iMiNUSD: Limited Release SB1

The SkullyBoom + iMD SB1’s has been a project long awaited since we first carried SkullyBoom in the shop. This portable speaker system slaps pretty hard for something that only needs an hour charge, and plays any device with an auxiliary port. The SB1’s can last up to 4 hours full blast and comes with a retractable auxiliary cord to prevent fraying. They come fitted with tough housing and a sturdy clip to stay fastened to you while you ride, whether you’re out for distance or turning tricks. Oh yeah, and it’s a limited run so get ’em while you can right here. Hit the jump for detailed tech specs on the Skullyboom + iMD SB1’s. 

– high fidelity speakers that KICK
– built-in amplifier
– lithium-ion battery
– ruggedized housing
– belt clip

– Power: 3W rated/5W Max
– Dimensions: 96mm(W)x92mm(H)x56mm(D)
– Indicator: RGB LED
– Battery: Lithium Ion 900 mAh
– Run time: 4 hours at full volume
– Charge Time: < 1 hour
– Charging input: Mini USB (cable included)
– Input: 1/8″ Headphone jack (female)
– Audio Cable: 3 foot retract male-to-male

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