Minute Mondays: The WheelTalk Compound

Yo! Sorry we missed you guys last Monday. It was Mark’s birthday last week so we were out ragin’. In this installation of Minute Mondays, we give you guys a closer look at the Wheel Talk compound. Our riders also participate in the “Twenty Dollar Challenge,” where the first one to tap the $20 and roll out takes home the cash.

Next week, expect a change of pace as we take you to Hellyer Velodrome and introduce you to some of our fast riders.

Matt Montoya
Jeff Dempler
Matt “Slum Worm” Reyes
Alex Blanco
Anthony “Wreckless” Combs

Song: King Crimson – 21st Century Schizoid Man

Shot by: Reggie Ballesteros and Forest Parker
Edited by: JP Flores


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