iMiNUSD Rides SF

The iMD team takes a trip to San Francisco to hit some legendary spots in The City. This is the first installment of “iMD Minute Mondays” where we will be releasing weekly edits that feature our team riders, bike builds and product reviews, spot checks, and an inside look at iMiNUSD on and off the bike. So, stay tuned!

One response to “iMiNUSD Rides SF

  1. Hello Mark,
    Any chance on opening a shop down here in San Diego? (Preferably the North Park / Downtown / or Beach area) We could really use a shop like yours here! I’m sure ya know all about the local growth of fixed gear riding. The guys at LEADER BIKE must have expressed the same desire for a shop like yours.
    Thank’s for your time and consideration and best of luck to the future of iminusd! I’m sure you wont need it as long as you continue to give amazing customer service, rare, cutting edge, innovative, high end parts, accessories and service all at a reasonable price!

    SAN DIEGO 92107

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