iMD Rider Bikecheck: Matt “Slumworm” R.

His name is Slumworm and chances are you’ve heard of this dude. This is the man behind the now famous Slumworm blog. If you’ve seen him ride you will know this guy’s got combos for days. Look out for Slum in the new iMD Rider webisodes soon to be released. Like most of the Wheeltalk crew he’s on the newest Specialized P-Fixed prototype. Hopefully these bikes make it to production soon.

OWNER: Matt “Slumworm”
FRAME/FORK: Specialized PFix
BARS: Specialized
STEM: Specialized
GRIPS: Specialized
SEAT/SEATPOST: Specialized
CRANKS: Specialized
BB: Specialized
SPROCKET: Specialized
PEDALS: Specialized
WHEELSET: Specialized
TIRES: Specialized Hemisphere

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