Bikecheck: Leah’s Thrasher

Call it murdered out or all black everything, this is a legit build by Leah from the land down under. Definitely one of the sickest FGFS builds to come from our Australian customers. Great work Leah! Now beat that bike to hell.

OWNER: Leah M.
FRAME/FORK: Volume Thrasher (M)
BARS: Volume Trickster
STEM: TSC Strike Front Load
GRIPS: TSC Thirteen Flangeless
SEAT/SEATPOST: Resist/Atomlab
CRANKS: Resist 160mm
BB: Demolition
SPROCKET: Tree Lite 33T
CHAIN: TSC Interlock V2 1/2 Link
FRS: Holdfast
WHEELSET: Velocity Chukker 26″
TIRES: Michelin Pilot City 1.75

3 responses to “Bikecheck: Leah’s Thrasher

  1. legit ride…. this person needs to come for a session if there in sydney….

  2. there goes the last thrasher lol, dope buildup!

  3. i want to buy this bike asap let me know how much …….

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