2011 SE Draft and Draft Lite

The new SE Bikes Draft and Draft Lite’s are now in stock. We have these in stock in sizes 43cm all the way to 61cm in every color. The 43cm, dual 650c, Draft and Draft Lite is the one many have been waiting for. The perfect bike for anyone under 5’2″. Prices are $290 for the Draft and $360 for the Draft Lite. These will go fast.

2 responses to “2011 SE Draft and Draft Lite

  1. i was told to get a size 52 because im about 5,7″ and my inseam is about 30 … i wanted to be able to do tricks like bar spins …. i want to buy thiis bike online but they sold out on the size 52 they have a 49 and a 54 what do you guys thinks?

  2. Hey i was wondering i just ordered a silver sed draft lite 2011 model that supposedley was grey. The only clear confirmation i recieve that the bike was the silver model, was that i showed the guy at the shop the picture shown onthe top of this page. I tried to research any other pictures online but none would come up showing the silver. So it would be great if someone could confirm that this is te bike i just ordered. Thanks.

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