RIDE 1 Trick Comp

The event was ridiculous! Huge thanks to the 700+ in attendance!

To our friends and supporters, THANK YOU! Big thanks to Azuki, SJFixed, Sophisto Society, Wheeltalk, Leader Bikes, Cinelli, Volume, Specialized, Globe, Starnectar, Archive Bags, Macaframa, Hold Fast, Chrome, Bicycle Express, SE Bikes, Cadence/DVS, Resist, Cheezycam.com, Grime, Prollyisnotprobably, Lockedcog, Pedalconsumption, Zlogblog.

Huge thanks for the ingenious collaboration of events and hospitality from Breezy Excursions, Booger Kids and Clout.

Its been an amazing year. Thank you!

1st Wonka and Santos
2nd Boothby
3rd Matt Reyes

1st Jeffy D
2nd Anthony Combs
3rd Alex Blanco

One response to “RIDE 1 Trick Comp

  1. zoen ebinger

    what is this song called

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