one year anniversary scalleycat wrap-up.

Despite the wet weather conditions, a good number of people still came out our One Year Anniversary 24-hour scalleycat. And rightfully so, as there were frames and complete bikes on the line. Cinelli was kind enough to throw in a Vigorelli and Garret Chow of MASH SF threw in a custom one-off Globe Roll as well. We had about 15 teams enter, all of which were set on taking home something nice given the inclement weather.

Check out the film crew. You might remember Scott the Ginger from the anniversary video and the Wheel Talk series. Jeff Build Stuff is usually the man behind the viewfinder stealing people’s souls. After a shift of working with these guys the day of the race, we all hopped on our whips in the pouring rain to grab as many points as we could.

After the arduous 24-hour race through torrential rain, hail storms, and ubiquitous lightning and rolling thunder, all racers made it to the finish line in one piece. Many participants shared the same ‘facepalm’ expression from the mental and physical challenges they endured through the duration of the 24 hours. There were many epic stories and a slew of NSFW images to show proof of their challenges. Here are the top 3 race results for the anniversary race and the Relationship Series:

24-Hour Scalleycat:

  1. “Pedal Bear” Tanner & Josh (4972.08)
  2. “No Use For A Name” Tyson & Sean (4886.08)
  3. “Midnight Marauders” Tim & Fast Ho (4012.08)

Overall Relationship Series:

  1. Tim (40)
  2. Tanner (36)
  3. Tyson (36)

Big thanks to all our sponsors for making this race possible and for all the racers who participated. Huge high-five to Kevin for organizing this year’s series and congratulations to everyone at iMD for the continued hard work and service. Be on the look out for more events like this as well as the Anniversary Trick Comp on December 12th!

One response to “one year anniversary scalleycat wrap-up.

  1. Scott Cramer

    Where are the results for the rest of the racers????

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