Trick comp location changed to 401. E. Taylor st. 95112

Wow. Finally, one year has passed since the shop first opened. A lot of hard work and patience has gone into carving out a lifestyle that reflected our values throughout the years. Thank you for riding along side us and for the many miles to come.

Ride simply. Simply ride.

-24 HOURS*

*Scalleycat starts at 2pm Saturday 11/20 @iMiNUSD and will
finish at 2pm Sunday 11/21 @ Paisley Haus (1177 West San Carlos,
San Jose). You must be in before 2pm or you will be DQ’ed
**2 Person teams only, if you do not a team you will be paired with
someone during registration. In a worst case scenario if there is
absolutely no one you can be paired with, a 3 person team will be ok.
Also it is $5 per person, not per team.
***Please try to have a digital camera in your team with a SD memory
card. If neither one of you have a digital camera with a SD memory
card, an approved camera phone will suffice (decent resolution required)

One response to “1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY: iMiNUSD

  1. such a solid video and congrats to your one year anniversary!

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