SJ Bike Party 10.15.10 – Ride of the Living Dead

Looks like it’s that time of the year… Bike Party’s 3rd Anniversary ride. This year’s theme is “Ride of the Living Dead”. So get to iMiNUSD early to get your bike party supplies or help out with any makeup you have to help zombify yourself and your friends. We will be leaving at 7:15 to head out to the closest meet up spot for bike party (santa clara) which will be departing at 8:00pm. See you undead tomorrow (Friday / 10.15.10)!

**iMiNUSD will be offering a 10% discount to your Bike Party supplies between 6pm – 7pm! Stock up on your tubes, lights, tires, whatever else you need!**

Meet: @ iMiNUSD (they close at 7, so show up early to get supplies and prep your zombie make up)
Depart: 7:15pm
W2B: Lights, Weather appropriate clothing, Tools, Tubes, Good attitudes & riding etiquette, Water/Treats, Smiles, and Happy faces

Bring some make up / blood to share!

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