Bikecheck: Alex B.

Leader Mordecai’s have MAD clearance. This tire measures out to 55mm wide on alex’s rear P-35. BEASTLY!

Owner: Alex B.
Frame: Leader Mordecai
Fork: Leader Shadow
Bars: Gusset Open Prison
Stem: Demolition Stealth
HS: Tange
Seatpost: Pivotal
Saddle: Shadow Pivotal
Cranks: HARO – Tree
Front wheel: P-35 – 47c
Rear wheel: P-35 – 29×2.0
Pedals: Shadow – Hold Fast

4 responses to “Bikecheck: Alex B.

  1. that bike is so sick

  2. How much your wheels cost?

  3. That’s a 55 right? How tall are you alex?

  4. hey nice bike, i made that sticker

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