Bike Friday 9/17, Tonight

There are some pretty happening events going on tonight. Pick your poison.

From SJFixed:
“If Bike Party is not your type of thing, then head to Hellyer Velodrome to watch some of the Bay’s mightiest sprinters duke it out. btw- Free food and free beer. :)”

“So the SJBP have redone the format of Bike Party and have limited the ride location and route to a few people to help cut down on the growing attendance and the people that don’t belong there (you know the type of people I’m talking about).  If you’d like to come and partake in SJBP and dress up in some pirate gear (optional), by all means meet up at iMiNUSD, stock up in your bike party supplies, and head out with us.

Meet: 6:30pm @ iMiNUSD
Depart: 7:00pm
W2B: Lights, Weather appropriate clothing, Tools, Tubes, Good attitudes & riding etiquette, Water/Treats, Smiles, and Happy faces



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