iMiNUSD Cycling kit

The iMiNUSD and SJFixed cycling kits are complete and available now. JP, our in-house graphic designer, put in some amazing work to get to this final kit design. The kit consists of a cycling jersey, bib shorts, arm warmers, leg warmers and shoe covers. All the pieces will be available as a complete kit or separately through our online boutique.

All pieces feature full silicone grippers at each sleeve to prevent slippage, UV protected COOLMAX® fabric to protect you from burning while also wicking away moisture to keep you comfortable, full length hidden zippers, as well as a traditional 3 pocket rear on the Jersey. Full Kits available from XXS-XXL.

model: Marc M. also known as Marcopolis locally.

5 responses to “iMiNUSD Cycling kit

  1. Looks slick, guys. Be sure to set aside a L for me.


  2. Caught a glimpse of it on Prolly’s blog. I’ll be buying a jersey, arm warmers, and leg warmers pretty soon!

  3. what size this that guy wearing?

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