iMiNUSD @Thunderhill?!

“One day, the guys down at iMINUSD were sitting around the shop building up bikes and contemplating the evolution of the track bike. Someone chimed in about how it was becoming all too familiar and how ‘pedaling was so 2 years ago…’. It was in that moment that they knew it was time to discover the next mutation in that evolutionary process. So they strapped a motor to a bike and took it out to Thunderhill Raceway in Willows, CA to put it through its paces. ”

Music: Hang You From the Heavens – The Dead Weather
Photo credit: Dito Milian

discretionary point of clarification: in reality, it’s just me riding the 600rr on the track with a fairing kit put together by the masters of design at iMINUSD, but i still think the other story is much more interesting…

-Darin W.

Photos: Dito Milian –

2 responses to “iMiNUSD @Thunderhill?!

  1. I love thunderhill, but once I came in to fast on turn 5 , which should be the big hill, and spun out in my go kart but I still love that track.

  2. sick! makes me miss my 2007 CBR600RR!!! i think i’ll be getting a 1000RR by next year!!

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