Leader 727TR

So….What do you think? Yes, that is the new Leader I806TR V2 full carbon fork on there. We have these frames in stock as well as all the forks. Let us know what you think?

edit: Pics added with Deda Pista Drops and Vision Pursuit bars.

17 responses to “Leader 727TR

  1. SOOOOO sick!! How much is the complete set up?

  2. OMG…this is too sweet. Def gonna grab this frame next paycheck ;]

  3. Hmmm, really not diggin’ this geometry now that I see it built up… Hate to be a sour sally but I’m just not a fan’a those compact framezzzz

  4. I’m digging it! I’m not sure about the risers, but it’d look so sick with Nitto RB021’s.

  5. …. booooooooom!

  6. Throw some drops on that, man. Or the RB021 bullhorns Roy said

  7. @sfsprints
    i agree. it’s a bike incarnation of gigli.


  8. looks fly, sad that people don’t like it because it looks unorthodox. But more importantly, how does it ride?

  9. Dope. Can you throw up a picture of it with drops perhaps?

  10. Drops = Win.
    Bullhorns = Win.
    RB021 = Just have to be an epic win.

    I’m sold. I will most definitely be picking one of these up in the future.

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  12. What stem and bars are on this? The risers, not drops or bulls

  13. antihero1972

    IDK, im just not digging this frame mainly the downtube. I think i will stick my 725, the design appeals to me way more.

  14. Risers look great, drops and bulls…I’m not sold.

  15. Peter Cabana

    Took me a little over a month, but just grabbed this frame today. Thanks Mark

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