Volume Thrasher!

Yes these are your Thrashers. Be on the look out for tracking info from FedEx if you ordered one of these. We are processing these now.

If you ordered one in store. Come in and pick it up. Demo Cranks , BB’s and Fu Manchu’s all in stock too.

All orders have been shipped out. Click the pics to see what is still available.

5 responses to “Volume Thrasher!

  1. These frames are so fresh!!! excited to see what they’re gonna look like in some builds!!

  2. im_never_ganna_get_my_thrasher

    man i gatta say i cant wait to get mine when ever they go all the way to east coast and back lol… and im def feeling the black with white decals rater then black with yellow! why are the different color decals on the black?

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