Leader 727TR ETA:12 hours

Am I the only one that thinks this frame is sick? The frame is sub $300, crazy light, sexier then a 725 and just SICK. I had a couple people come into the shop today and express how ugly they thought this frame was. REDICULOUS! That’s what people said about the green/white Cinelli MASH and look what happened there; sold more Green then Grey.

Worry not, I will have a 727TR built within the hour these frames arrive for you to fully scrutinize.

I might be wrong on this one, but i highly doubt it.

3 responses to “Leader 727TR ETA:12 hours

  1. Could you make a review on this frame? would enjoy to read a shop take on this bike

  2. Can’t wait for your build. I’m on the wall about the styling since the sloping downtube looks a bit weird. You can’t say this frame doesn’t have the sexiest welds in Leader history though.

  3. definitely waiting on the iminusd build-up pics, i think everyone is waiting to see how the downtube curvature affects the ride/look of the bike. A sexy frame for a great price nevertheless.

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