one night stand alleycat recap.

The helmets were out and the lights were on at the One Night Stand Alleycat on Saturday night.

There were 3 checkpoints: Britannia Arms in Cupertino, a Motel 6 in Santa Clara, and Planned Parenthood in San Jose.

The beginning of the race started off with everyone doing the crab walk to their bikes.  (crabs, get it?)

Capping off the race was the controversial STD quiz at the finish line (iMD shop) which penalized the racer for each question answered incorrectly.

The top 5 finishers were:

1. Darin W 1:44:05 (+30)
2. Matt D 1:44:25 (+45)
3. Nick 1:48:16 (+0)
4. Evan 1:48:40 (+15)
5. Tim 1:49:00 (+45)

Participants who didn’t have the fastest times still had a chance at some prizes.  There was a raffle for all riders who had helmets and lights.

It definitely wasn’t a G-rated alleycat, as each checkpoint featured some sort of sexual innuendo that may or may not have had a happy ending.  Good times!

One response to “one night stand alleycat recap.

  1. Dope race. Can’t wait for the next one!

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