Gnarcotix premiere recap

Thank you everybody for coming out to the Gnarcotix premiere at iMiNUSD last night!  We had over 150 people crammed in and around the store.

If you missed out on the movie, then you missed out on Fonseca jumping around shirtless from bed to bed in a hotel room.  Jealous?

Thought so.  But wait, there’s more.  The Gnarcotix film also featured a whole lot of mashing, tricks and other fixed shenanigans.

Just look at how many bikes there were at the premiere.  Do you know how many are in that bike pile?

Seriously, do you know?  Kevin is still trying to figure that out.

iMiNUSD will definitely be having more of these in the future, especially with summer right around the corner.  It’s a great way to mingle with other riders and make new friends.

And of course thanks to Gnarcotix for putting together their labor of love and sharing it with iMD and the fixed community.


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