goodbye to caltrain as we know it.

If you live in the Bay Area, you have probably heard that Caltrain might be cutting their services to just “commute hours” only.

That means no more midday rides, night rides or weekend rides.

I’m pretty sure that a few of our readers probably take the train on a daily basis.  And probably even more take Caltrain on the weekends or just sporadically.

Imagine having to buy a second car, or being forced to move closer to work because of something like this.  A person in the article below just might have to do that.

From a less serious standpoint, what about all of those alleycats, swapmeets, and lazy Sunday rides in between San Francisco and San Jose?

Better start figuring out carpools.

Mercury News


3 responses to “goodbye to caltrain as we know it.

  1. Bart goes to sf.

  2. Unfortunately BART does not go directly to San Jose, which is where iMiNUSD is based.

  3. true and Fremont is not that long a ride.
    VTA goes to bart too.

    back to caltrain

    Caltrain Seeks Volunteers for Bicycle Advisory Committee

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