japan is full of geeks.

A beautiful day today!  The sky was clear, and the cherry blossoms were in full bloom.

Since I was staying in Asakusa for the evening, I thought I would pay Punch Cycle a visit in the morning.  One of our readers, U-ism, pointed out that it might be permanently closed down.  I spoke to a few people and they did say that it was still running, however I came before store opening.

I then hopped on the subway to visit the fellas over at Geek Garage at Naka-megura. 

Kenta greeted me at the door, and showed me around.  I asked him if he had heard of iMINUSD, and he gave me a perplexed look.  I reached into my iMINUSD goodie bag and pulled out some stickers and his eyes lit up.

“iMINUSD!  Yes, I check the blog everyday!” 

How cool is that?  We then performed the ancient Japanese ritual, iminusdeskeageekgaragedesu, or the exchanging of the goods.

Daich, one of the mechanics, took some time to show off a super beefy Gorilla Kilroy.  Check out those tires.

He even busted a few tricks for me, Ill post up the hilarious vids later.

Thanks guys!

I decided to then head back over to Harajuku, to visit the sister store, Dept.  It is really similar to iMD, because it has a clothing portion and also a bike section.

I met Yuda and Tama, who were both working the desk area at Geek Garage Tokyo.  We like giving things out at iMINUSD, so here is a picture of Yuda holding up an iMD hoody.

Unfortunately my communication skills broke down again, but we were still able to understand each other just enough.

Minato, aka Buffa, part of the Yoyogi Park Crew, offered to show me the sex.  Sexon that is.

I really had no idea what he was talking about, until about 25 minutes later.  During our walk, he showed me a film on his iPhone of a sick film that he and his crew made.

Then we finally got to Dreamworks.  A dream come true for any NJS Keirin fan.  The owner, Tidach (sp) was working on a bike outside.  Just check out the goods.

Not even a block away from Dreamworks was Sexon Super Peace.  Another beautiful NJS boutique owned by Shinichiro.

Gorgeous NJS frames were displayed hanging from the ceiling.  I felt bad because I had run out of iMINUSD goodies to share.  Awesome store Shinichiro.

Minato “Buffa” told me that they will probably meet tomorrow evening at around 10pm.  Im hoping that I can make it out to their session.  Thanks for taking the time to show me around! 

All of the bikers and shop workers have been really gracious and patient in taking the time to show me around.  If you guys ever visit iMINUSD in California, we will return the favor no doubt!

Arigato gozhaimus!

4 responses to “japan is full of geeks.

  1. Damn Mark! I miss Japan a ton. Wish I could be there exploring the city with ya. Have a great trip man. Hit me up when you get back so we could catch up. I’m moving back to SJ.

    • Tan, I wish I was the one in Japan but it’s actually Andrew who went. I definitely want to go in the next few months. Just got a couple more things to set up. Hit me up if you’re around man. Welcome back to SJ.

  2. that spot you’re on in shibuya was the same spot i saw all those fixed gear bikes!! dope shit man

  3. whats the size on those tires!?

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