fixed throughout japan.

It stopped raining yesterday, after raining for the first two days that I was here.  I’m already starting to see a lot more riders out (fixed and otherwise).

When it comes to fixed gear bikes in Japan, Tokyo gets all the attention; and rightfully so.  Tokyo is probably the first city that comes to mind when talking about fixed gears and Japan.

I took the shinkansen (bullet train) 3 hours west of Tokyo to Kyoto. 

The shops are open pretty late, so I wandered around downtown Kyoto.  Walking around late at night in the U.S can be dangerous at times, especially in dark alleyways.

In Japan, it is quite the opposite; you can find some amazing shops and restaurants off the main streets in areas that “look” sketchy (but are completely safe).

That’s how I came across Chickennot, a small fixed gear boutique not unlike iMINUSD.  I probably wouldn’t even have seen it if not for the custom Chickennot painted bike out front.


The shop carried a bunch of random fixed gear parts and accessories.  And again, my poor communication skills prohibited me from having much of a conversation with the proprietor.

It makes me sad that I didn’t go to a mall kiosk back home to legally purchase a copy of Rosetta Stone.

Just outside Himiji Castle was a small bike shop, which looked really promising, but was closed.

The next few days should be pretty interesting, especially now that the rain is gone.

3 responses to “fixed throughout japan.

  1. You should hit up a shop called Darwin in Kyoto..small but really nice shop!

    • Unfortunately I already left Kyoto, and will not be back down there. It is still raining here on and off, I will be on the hunt for the other shops around the Tokyo area.

  2. Scotty Cramer

    Wow that is awesome! Your trip makes me jealous. It is my dream to one day venture to Japan! Food pictures!

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