japan already knows。

Still not sure how to work the keyboards over here properly.

Today I hit up W-Base, FTC, and StarfuckerS。

The shops are hard to find、えsぺ氏アlly新背イt和sらいにんg、

I met up with Toku at W-Base, and then later the owner came in and we chopped it up ふぉrァびt。

Right down the street from W-場せ FTC インHarujuku/Shibuya. FTC had this sweet frame オンぢspぁy。

The hardest shop to find by far was Starfuckers.  I seriously don:t even know how I found it.

I believe the directions I got were,“Go south and north simultaneously, but also triangle.”  

Ⅰ don:t even question anymore, I just do as I:m told, because the Japanese folks here have been really 偽案dnice and helpful.

Out in the cuts somewhere ァfてrafter 2 or 3 subway transfers I found it.  It; was Tucked away in a somewhat secluded area next to a few other random shops.

I was greeted by Koske, who was building up some new Fuji bikes.  I asked him if he knew iMINUSD, and he said yes!

Koske 所ウェsdめshowed me around the shop a bit, and I spoke with some others as well.  

I want to share more with you guys, but the computers here aren:t the most American friendly. 

It has also been raining nonstop.  Hopefully I can continue reporting; probably within the next couple of days. Arigato!

11 responses to “japan already knows。

  1. Woah~nice trip!

  2. so amazing!

  3. Hhaha oh man thanks for the laughs DooDoo

  4. So lucky! I am dying to go

  5. Nice Andoo! Seems like you’re having a good time. Can’t wait to hear about it when you get back.

  6. hit up shibuya and shinjuku at night. theres tons of fixed riders around there. even during the day you’ll see them commuting to work.

  7. i loved reading this haha. i’m getting soo stoked for my trip to japan this summer 🙂

  8. maybe you should have brought your laptop top hahaha

  9. you gotta press alt + tilde (~) to go into direct alphabet input mode

    starfuckers shop = abovebike

    Hope you get a chance to check out all the bike shops…
    Blue Lug, Geek Garage, Dept, JAN, and Bean’s are pretty awesome.
    Depot and FasTrack are kinda out of the way…

    Punch cycle is asakusa is more or less closed. Apparently the owner ran away. He still has outstanding orders that haven’t been fulfilled

    • Thanks for the tips U. I still have to check out some of those other shops, Im actually staying in Asakusa right now, Ill keep my eyes peeled for an owner running away with unfulfilled orders.

      And yes, some keyboards have a Language Change sticker affixed to the tilde button. Arigato!

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